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How to clone a HDD to SDD with a pre-installed factory OS?

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      I have tried to clone HDD which came with the machine to SDD, using both EaseUS Partition and EaseUS Backup software but I am not achieving any great results, although, the Backup software does actually copy Windows 10 perfectly fine but it does not recognise the recovery partition when trying to test out the factory set. The Partition software, on the other hand, does not do anything - No loading of Windows 10 or recognising a factory reset.
   I have spent a whole day (10 hours) trying all the possible ways of cloning to my SDD but now I am losing hair fast from over scratching my head. HELP!! I understand that Windows can sometimes get locked down to one PC only but what has that got to with an upgrade?? Surely, HP allows one to upgrade their secondary drive??! And, it is not as if I am using the SDD on a different machine, the OS is staying with it's original pre-load machine.


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